NANJING SHENGYING COMMERCE&TRADE CO.,LTD is situated near the scenic Lake Mochou of historical city of Nanjing, The company was established in Nov 1992 with the registered capital of RMB 30,000,000. The company has eight branch offices dealing with real estate, security products, advertisement, foreign trade and so on.
  Shengying Information & Trade Center was formally founded in July 2002. The center has been majored in researching, developing, manufacturing and selling “Shengying” Brand electronic mosquito (pest) repellents series and other casual high-tech leisure products, The domestic authorative inspection reports proved the electronic mosquito(pest)repellents series effective, safe, healthy and environmental. At present the products are mainly salable in major cities throughout China and exported to US, Europe, Southeast Asian Countries etc. The products have been highly praised since they came into the market. In addition we developed portable fish finder, motion sickness free watch, forever flashlight, dog trainer and other casual high-tech products.
We sincerely welcome our counterparts home and abroad to explore the market hand in hand. In order to improve people’s living standard and health quality we hope to present distinctively effective, environmental and humane products to our customers We are aiming at the dual-win and making our outlook even brighter.
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